Admittedly, I feel a bit like a child sharing something like this, as there are so many devs that pull and merge requests from contributors on a regular basis. However, while I’ve contributed to documentation and/or tutorials and other non-coding portions of repositories, I feel a tiny bit proud that this was the first instance where I was using a library, found a bug, created an issue, cloned the repo to my local machine, found and fixed the code, and opened a pull request. It was a great learning experience with git, github, contributing to projects, and more. My first merged PR!

The project and library I was using was called Whiptail which allows you to use the terminal message boxes through a python script. Here are their docs. These message boxes are the same that you might see when you install a linux distro from a USB or first install of a server.

What I was using this for is to develop an visually appealing way to use the Meshtastic CLI. There can be a ton of settings and flags to add to your Meshtastic device and adding the flags one by one - or worse, you have to go back and change a flag and you’re not using zsh-vi-mode - can be time consuming. This project would allow you to choose in a whiptail dialog from a list of flags and pass values to the flags. By having them in a navigable list, you can always retract a flag you no longer need.

Then, once you’ve added everything you need, you confirm, and the command runs and syncs up your Meshtastic device!

Maybe I’ll post more about that project if I ever get around to finishing it. But since Meshtastic releases new updates on such a regular basis, I need to ensure the project pulls from Meshtastic commands in a more dynamic way.

Anyway, in this letter to no one, just thought I’d share my excitement.